Our Background

At GrandView Financial Partners, we sincerely believe that most people want to do what's right: right for themselves, right for their families, and right for their communities. In fact, that's one of the reasons we created this firm. After working together at fortune 100 firm for several years, we determined that the best way to provide our clients with valuable financial solutions was to join forces.   Our 'grand view' of working together to help our mutual clients became 'Grandview Financial Partners' in 2021.

You can take comfort in the fact that Jodi and Steve have both lived and worked in this community for years and have a vested interest in seeing their friends and neighbors succeed. In fact, we probably have many of the same hopes and aspirations as you, and will be happy to share all the resources and information our firm has to offer.

Depending on your needs, we can introduce you to some proven, dependable ways to help protect your family's lifestyle and future; or prepare for major financial events such as paying for college, saving for retirement, or caring for an aging relative.

Of course, our background isn't really the one that matters.  We've found that getting to know our clients – their hopes, dreams and goals for the future – is far more important. So if you're looking for someone who's ready to put their guidance and experience to work for you, please let us know.